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DVD Extras: Inception

Bias? What bias?

I got my DVD today and after flailing and squeeing more than any grown woman should, I proceeded to scan. 8D

08 - Character Cards
06 - PASIV instruction booklet

LINKS: (I have a horribly slow internet connection, but I'll try to get the MF links up soon - if anyone wants to mirror for me, I would greatly appreciate it! ♥)
Character Cards (43 mb): [MU]
PASIV Instructions (60 mb): [MU]

• Everything is scanned at 600 dpi and are about 2400x3400px.
• Please comment to let me know if you like them.
• Credit is always appreciated, especially if you're using the scans for graphics.
• Be courteous. Don't hotlink or claim these scans as your own. If you'd like to share with others, just link them to this post. :)

Next up: The Cobol Job Comic
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